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Breaking The Cycle Through Music

Who Are We?

Maverick Sounds is a dynamic organization dedicated to making a positive impact within prisons and communities, particularly among young people and adults. Our mission revolves around the transformative power of music, utilizing it as a tool to engage and inspire individuals. Through a unique blend of mentorship and exposure to industry professionals, Maverick Sounds creates an environment that fosters growth, creativity, and lasting change.

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Our Services

Maverick Sounds is dedicated to positively engaging participants through music. We do this by creating a safe space for skill development in lyric writing, beat producing, recording, and audio mixing.Each program is tailored to meet the specific needs of the establishment.

Community Projects

We work collaboratively with youth offending teams and probation services to aid crime prevention programmes.

Prison Programme

We specialise in delivering engaging music programs to enhance attendance in purposeful activities. Our team, honoured to be included as non-executive senior leadership members, acting up as the race and age gap, offering expert council on complex issues within prison establishments.

School Programme

Addressing the challenge of student engagement in schools, we use music as a powerful tool to provide an alternative service, effectively re-engaging students back into mainstream education.


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Meet The Team​

We have a highly skilled staff team that are able to relate with people from different cultures and backgrounds providing a positive experience for all our participants.

CEO/Musician/ Audio Engineering
Set Up Maverick sounds to use music as a tool to equip people in custody with the life skills nesserssary to process better life decisions.
Professional Musician/Actor/Mentor
R.A, a UK rap sensation with over 10 million views, collaborates with industry heavyweights like Giggs, Rapman, Krept & Conan, Ghetts, and Fredo. Partnering with Mavericks Sounds, he uses his influence to show others that change is possible.
Correctional Programs Strategist/Consultant
A project planning genius with 18 years of expertise in impactful initiatives for young people in both community and prison settings. Pippa's wealth of experience extends to leading consultancy services, coupled with hands-on mentoring to make a meaningful difference.
DJ/Music Producer/Audio Engineer
Bon, a renowned DJ, Has lent his skills to top musicians across the UK and Europe. coupled with these acheievment he is a production tutor and mentor.
J Depz
DJ/Music Producer/Audio Engineer
A seasoned DJ, Music Producer, and Artist Manager with 13 years of expertise. A true jack of all trades, he excels in every role. With 8 years in the justice system, his experience adds a unique perspective to his versatile skill set.
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