The power of non - formal education in school.

King Edwards Blur

School assembly

Assembly presentations that delve into unconventional yet crucial topics, reinforcing the idea that education is the key to a brighter future.

Pupil referral unit

Recognising the diverse needs of students who may not thrive in traditional educational settings, our commitment at Maverick sounds is to provide tailored and impactful alternative education music.

School music workshops

Our unique approach extends beyond traditional music classes, providing students with the opportunity to find mentors among our dedicated staff members.

The power of non - formal education in school.

Whereas Formal education is teacher – centred, standardised and institution – based, the hallmarks for Non – Formal education are almost the polar opposite.

Non- formal education is learner – centred and individual. It places a high value on helping students take ownership over their own learning in order to grow in understanding and confidence. In place of an external syllabus, non- formal education focuses on the needs and interests of the learner, beginning wherever they feel most comfortable, at their depth, and gradually building from there.