About Us

The course opened up my mind a lot. I’ve always been confident in my ability but I rarely had the opportunity to express myself and tell my story.
Jordan Mortan

Our Story


Our Story

We believe that our work is more than just music. In everything we do, we aim to help learners achieve, master new artistry, and develop life skills. We know it can be hard for learners to voice the issues and pressures that are relevant to them in their current environment. lyric writing/Music has proven to be a therapeutic tool like no other,  allowing learners time to reflect inwards on who they are, and what their story is. With the encouragement and a constant positive role model in any of our staff team, this is the same whether in a prison or in the community. 

Our Team

We offer bespoke projects for organisations wanting to use music to engage underserved communities. Using talented musicians, facilitators and people with lived experience the young people will leave sessions full of confidence and a great sense of achievement whatever level they come to a session at.

S Maverick

Musician/Audio Engineer/Facilitator

Prison Cleared
Key trained
Bronze Arts awards trained

Samuel is an independent recording artist and has been apart of the the music industry for 10 years. He’s main genres of music are Rap/Drill/Hip hop/RnB and soul.  He has used those skills with in the prison sector and the community for 14 years. He has used these skills to deliver a range of activities and courses to men, women and young people across the UK. The company has full public liability insurance and Samuel has full prison clearance, a valid DBS, has held keys in several establishments and has a post 16 teaching qualification with degree in sports and teaching. 


Musician/Motivational speaker/ 1 – 1 mentor/Professional Actor

Prison Cleared

Lived experience 

Delivered at 7 prison establishments

The artist RA (Real Authentic) is a well known grime artist and very respected throughout the UK Rap/Grime scene. He hails from the streets of Brixton with a reputation that precedes himself. 

As a person who has been embroiled on both sides of the spectrum he often lays out the reality of he’s own experiences and lessons without glorifying the life that he once had chosen.

With over 10 million views on youtube, R.A is one of the UK’s biggest rap artist and is currently working alongside Maverick Sounds to use his influence to encourage and inspire others that change is possible.


Audio Engineer/Producer/Facilitator/DJ

Prison Cleared

key trained 

Bon started his journey into creating music in 2007 as a Producer, followed soon after by learning how to DJ, and then Sound Engineer (recording other people in a studio environment).

As a DJ he has worked all over the UK and in Europe at festivals, clubs and private events.

He has also worked as an Artist Manager, and tutored students 1-to-1 and in group settings as a DJ Tutor and Music Production Tutor.

Outside of music he has worked as a videographer, creating music video’s for clients.

His passion is in helping others, especially by means of teaching them how they can go about expressing their creativity through music. He has worked in youth clubs & prisons with Maverick Sounds, mostly with kids/young offenders which are the hardest to work with. He continues to share his knowledge and ‘loves working with Maverick Sounds’ as it allows him to share his passion with other people who might be in less than ideal life scenario’s themselves.

Jae Depz

Audio Engineer/Producer/Facilitator/DJ

Prison Cleared

key trained 

With over 18 years experience working in Prisons and deprived communities , Pippa has impacted countless young people by meeting them ground level and equipping them with the tools and skills necessary to flourish in the real world. Pippa’s biggest  accomplishment was cemented in Wetherby prison, transforming the lives of young offenders through faith based courses in collaboration with the chaplaincy team. 

In an effort to reduce re- offending, she has worked closely with youth organisations to offer through the gate support for ex – offenders to help break the cycle. Pippa’s Superb ability to plan, recruit and devise creative programmes has helped to engage the hardest to reach young people in the country.

Currently she oversees all the prisons we deliver in to maintain the highest level of excellence.