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Content covered

Lyric  writing 

Positive vs negative lyrics, Life Map, Song structure, Rhyming schemes, Lyrical devices, improving literacy skills.

Music production

Instrumental beats using electronic software 

Audio Engineering 

Gaining the ability to mix audio using complex software & plug-ins.

Lyric writing/Song creation

Our programme places a strong emphasis on responsible storytelling through music. We guide students on how to share personal experiences authentically, avoiding the trap of glorifying the past. Instead, we encourage them to use their creativity to project a new reality, one that resonates with authenticity and innovation.

The programme overlook

Our program is highly flexible and easily aligns with the structure of prison routines. It serves as a means to encourage inmates to reintegrate into purposeful activities, offering therapeutic benefits and support for mental health. Moreover, participants are given the chance to take on mentorship roles, providing them with added empowerment to embrace positive life choices.

We have successfully implemented our programme in 5 prisons and are continuing to expand our reach.



We've unearthed remarkable talent within prisons like no other. With the guidance of our dedicated team and positive role models, we organise performances that celebrate black history, veterans day, family days and more.


Participants will be given a CD featuring all the songs they crafted during the music workshops. Additionally, they will get a copy in their prop box granted prison permissions.


Participants will be awarded a recognized certificate from Maverick Sounds Organization upon completion of the program.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, our program is aligned with the Arts Award, providing participants with an opportunity to earn recognition and contribute towards UCAS points. We understand that in a prison setting, the accredited and moderation processes can be challenging to navigate, and our program is designed to streamline these aspects while still offering valuable educational benefits

Yes, we provide our own music equipment, materials, worksheets and resources. An equipment list will also be provided if needed.

All of our staff members have obtained national clearance and undergone key training in various prison establishments.

Yes, we can provide references from other correctional followed up with impact report.

We Got a Mention in the HMP Brinsford HMIP Report!